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Bali Foodies

Bali Foodies was first founded in October 2014 to be a group of food enthusiasts. We made our way to a prompt growth of followers on Instagram by delivering a high quality and beautiful food photography in every frame we take. Ever since, we adhere the certain principles to bring you the best of Bali Culinary Stories.


Social Media Buzzer

We help our clients to promote their brand on our social media platforms.

Social Media Management

We do social media take over to help client to manage outbound and incoming
online interactions in a more efficient manner.

Professional Food Photography

We produce food photographs for professional use in restaurant menus and banners.



About our culinary stories, guides, and more.



Martha Sherman

Content Development Manager

Martha is graduated as a bachelor of music and proves that she has always been passionate in arts. She shares her love for food and travel through photography and the master mind behind Bali Foodies. She now acts as the content creator by supplying a creative and artistic approach towards photography.

Wiwid Wijaya

Business Development Manager

Wiwid takes the lead on embracing the business and marketing overview. The coffee person surely loves challenges, proven by his change of direction from a wedding photographer into a food photographer. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and that is what he integrates in every of his shot.

Yerdiansha Azahary

Food Stylist

Yerdiansha takes charge as the food stylist in the photography world. Starting out as a visual
communication designer, he starts to develop his desire in food photography. He then defines himself as a #whiteaddict by accentuating a
neat and clean look for his gallery.


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